How to Pack for a DIY Move

7 Tips on How to Pack for a DIY Move

Deb Hipp

If you’re planning a do-it-yourself move, you’re probably overwhelmed by the thought of packing a houseful of stuff into a rental truck. In the end, though, the savings can make that labor worthwhile.

Do-it-yourself movers save between 50 percent and 75 percent compared with folks who hire full-service movers, according to Dave Baptisti, director of national consumer sales and programs at Penske Truck Rental. You don’t have to be a professional packer to get it right, either.

Here are seven packing tips that should ease your stress and lighten your (truck) load.
Couple unloading boxes — Moving & Storage in Overland, MO

1. Start Early.

2. Purge.

3. Consider the Boxes.

4. Don’t Tackle Everything at Once.

5. Don’t Skimp.

6. Track What You Pack.

7. Load Like a Pro.

Why All the Work Is Worth It