Making a Move for Your Job

7 Tips for Making a Move for Your Job

Allie Johnson

Moving and switching jobs rank as two of the major stress triggers in our lives. Doing both at the same time can test your sanity-unless you collaborate with your employer, make smart choices and do plenty of planning.

“Start planning as early as you can-that’s really critical,” said John Bisney, a spokesman for the American Moving & Storage Association.

But what else should you do if you just got a job offer in a new city or your company is transferring you from Altoona, PA, to Zanesville, OH? Here are seven steps to help ensure your work-related move goes smoothly.
Delivery men carrying cardboard box — Moving & Storage in Overland, MO

1. Find Out What Your Employer Offers.

2. Get Bids From Movers.

3. Negotiate if Necessary.

4. Decide Whether to DIY.

5. Use a Checklist.

6. Make Your Move.

7. Don’t Forget Tax Deductions.